Marvel Champions is a new Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games is quite honestly a challenging and fun experience. I have been working through some solo play with Spider-Man and Rhino and what follows is my latest attempt to knock ol " Horn Head" down a peg or two.

Make sure you leave comments below on some tips and strategies I can use for my games moving forward

Hero: Spider Man

Aspect: Aggression

Deck Size: 40 cards

Villain: Rhino


Relentless Assault,Tenacity x 4,Haymaker x3,Nick fury,Genius,Energy,Combat training,Chase them down,Mockingbird x2,Emergency x 2,Hulk,Uppercut x 2,Tac team,First aid,Strength x2,Power of Aggression

Round 1 Spider-Man: Opens up with a SWINGING WEB KICK and pays for it with an ENERGY CARD combined with WEBBED UP and delivers a massive 8 damage to Rhino on round 1 going for a quick take down!

Hulk lands on the table ready to do some damage

Hulk and Spidey tag team Rhino with a combined damage of 5 and Hulk's rage gets the better of him and he punches Spidey by accident ( I pulled an energy card on my Hulk Discard Forced Response)

At the end of Round 1 Rhino has sustained a whopping 13 points of damage!

I am going into the Villain turn with the following cards...



Swinging Web Kick

Enhanced Spider Sense


Villain Turn

The Scheme threat increases by 1 as per the Scheme card.

Rhino attacks Spider-Man who chooses not to dodge. His boost draw nets him a +2 for a total of 4 damage to Spider-Man! OUCH!

For his encounter Rhino pulls an ADVANCE and gets a free Scheme. The boost card is a CHARGE and nets him a total of 3 scheme! A big hit and a big scheme. I guess I had that coming!

At the end of Round 1 the Scheme has a total of 4 threat on it ( Game over at 7 threat) and Rhino is down to 1 health on his stage 1 form.

Spider-Man Thwarts a threat away from the scheme and removes 1 threat

I get Tenacity on the table in my support area with a genius card from my hand and immediately use it to revert Spidey back from his exhausted state and perform another Thwart action! 2 Threat have been removed from the scheme....time for Hulk to bring the pain to Rhino!

Hulk hits Rhino for 3 attack and forces him into Stage 2 ! Breakin and Takin gets pulled as per the scenario and Hulk flies into another rage and hits Spidey again for 1 damage ( His Forced response again)

I'm going into the villain round with the following cards...

Swinging web kick

Upper cut



Combat Training

Villain Turn

Rhino comes barreling at Spider-Man but this time Spidey decides to defend Rhino pulls a Boost of 1 and Spidey cancels the base 3 leaving on the Boots to get through his dodge.

Because "Breakin and Takin" is o the table Rhino draws 2 encounter cards.

#1 : I'm Tough

#2 : Eviction Notice.

Spider-Man is already exhausted so i need to instead risk option 2 on the card and discard a random card from my hand and draw another encounter card as per the card text.

After Eviction Notice leaves the table another encounter is drawn because of the SURGE effect on the Obligation.

Things aren't looking good for Spidey! The new card is Stampede!

Rhino draws a blank on the boost draw but still bears down on Spidey with an attack of 3. This normally would be enough to defeat Spidey but at the last minute his big green pal the Hulk takes the hit instead. Hulk is discarded as his health is depleted but Peter is still in the fight!

Being that I am exhausted from defending last turn I cant attack or thwart but I can revert to Peter form to get some rest. In addition I go and get some combat training from Black Widow.

I'm heading into the villain turn with...

Swinging web kick

Spider tracer


Relentless assault



Villain Turn

The first thing is to sadly watch the threat go up by one more but just as Rhino is about to layer on some extra Scheming because Spider-Man is no where in sight....Jessica Jones pops in after Peter calls in an EMERGENCY!!

With his scheming thwarted its time to see what kind of of encounters pop up this round. "Breakin and Takin" are still on the table so Rhino gets 2 encounters.

Ummm.......Hulk ol buddy?!?!?!?!

With not many options left ( and only 3 health) I change back into Spider-Man and take the fight to Rhino with a basic attack to remove the Tough card. Spidey is exhausted and that is it for the round but before he finishes his turn I play RELENTLESS ASSAULT as a parting gift! Vulture is eliminated! and my card he robbed is returned however the side scheme still looms on the table!

I am heading into the villain round with the following cards...

Web shooters


Chase Them Down


Swinging Web Kick

Villain Turn

The scheme gets 2 more threat because of the Nemesis side scheme having an accelerator and the current total sits at 6

Because Spider-Man is back o the streets Rhino will attack him. Spider-Man is GOING to defend and hope that something comes along to help him...

Encounter Time.....

A Minion enters the fray and Rhino ready's up for a charge next round....Spidey is running out of time!!!

All I can do with Spidey this round is " Un Exhaust"

Villain Round

The Scheme gets more threat and Spidey is Defeated!

Well that played out a little different than I had expected. I came on strong in the first two rounds and was hoping to ride a way of AGGRESSIVE cards to take the fight to Rhino this time. While the strategy worked in the beginning I found that without some solid defense cards and healing I was forced to convert to my secret identity to avoid further pummeling. Also exhausting to defend didn't work out so well in the later rounds when he Nemesis scheme was on the table as the Accelerator really moved things along.

Thanks for checking the match out and keep an eye on The Game Nexus for future matches.