You have to admire us for four determination in dealing with the villain Klaw. After suffering a humiliating defeat with his pal Iron Man , Captain America has decided to enlist the help of Ms.Marvel and is going at him again! This time Cap is running a Leadership aspect and Ms. Marvel is using Aggression.

The Villain

His double Boost really gives Klaw an unpredictability to him when it comes to deciding if you want to defend against his attacks.

Our Heroes

Klaw has an immediate advantage in the form of a side scheme that comes out on round 1 which essentially gives him some buffer space to carry out his main scheme until you deal with it.

Time is off the essence in dealing with this guy and it isnt long before his powerful minions make an appearance. When you running a Cap deck this is the guy you dont want showing up to early!

All in all it was a fun game that took about an hour and had its ups and downs. Hope you enjoy!

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