EDITOR NOTE: Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully enjoy this battle report. My son is only 4 years old so I had to make a lot of concessions in the game play and rules. I also had a tough time balancing the details of the report with trying to keep his attention. We completed this game over the course of 5 days and took it very slow.

This game has very good rules for teaching new players and if my 4 year old can learn it then that is a good sign for all you players out there who want to run demos.

Four small meteorites come crashing down and land in the plains of Asgard not a far distance from the streets of the Royal Palace, of Odin's throne. Citizens of Asgard run in panic uncertain of what is happening. Odin dispatches a scouting party to each of the four locations and they report back that each landing is home to unmovable celestial hammers forged my a master craftsman not unlike Thor's own hammer Mjolnir.

Thor himself forms a group of heroes to retrieve them.

Vision , his friend from the Avengers, and Brunhilde the Valkyrie. Lurking in the background is the sinister " anti hero" Venom with his own devious agenda.

Captain America and the Black Panther receive warnings from Thor that mysterious magic may be afoot and when they arrive on Asgard to assist powerful magic takes root and clouds there minds of the truth.

In fact it wasn't Thor who summoned them but the powerful Ultron who has clouded the Avengers minds into believing Thor and his team are actually evil Elves who must be stopped from retrieving the hammers. Along with Spider Man , Ultron mounts an attack against Thor and his allies to retrieve the magical hammers that fell from the sky's above Asgard!

Captain America rushes up to the nearest hammer and takes possession of it while Vision does the same on the other side of the Asgard plains.

Spider man leaps over and snatches up the third hammer lying on the street in front of him where it landed after falling from the sky.

Thor walks steadfast across the familiar grassland of the Asgardian plain the battle is raging on.

Venom Charges forward determined to rip the hammer from Spiderman's dying hands. Leaving nothing to chance, Black panther pounces down to confront vision landing just short of being able to attack him this round. Valkyrie grudgingly runs to assist Venom as getting the hammer outstrips her loyalty to the hero from Midgard.

Ultron flies over the battlefield and Blasts the Vision with a beam of energy ripping holes in his synthetic form.

Venom Charges forward determined to rip the hammer from Spiderman's dying hands.

Leaving nothing to chance, Black panther pounces down to confront vision landing just short of being able to attack him this round.

Valkyrie grudgingly runs to assist Venom as getting the hammer outstrips her loyalty to the hero from Midgard.

Black Panther Strikes Vision with a basic STRIKE and pushes him "S" from Panther. Vision is DAZED by this attack due to his previous injury at the hands of Ultron and drops the celestial hammer he had been holding. It drops to the ground within "2" of the Vision. My son Leo places it close to Black Panther.

Thor hurls his hammer at Ultron from afar with Ultron's Adamantium shell taking both blows and still not cracking!

Captain america rushes past Thor to grab the hammer that fell to Asgard and landed in a tree

Venom snarls his tendrils at Spiderman twice and misses

Ultron Seizes the opportunity to grab the Celestial Hammer that Vision dropped and holds it triumphantly.

Valkyrie and Spider Man into it with Spiderman's amazing agility saving him from the Asgardian's sword swings and his aim proving to be as good as ever while he lands a shot from his Taser Webs!

Ultron activates and moves with his " M" movement rating twice which brings him close to the battle with Spider Man, Venom and Valkyrie. Good ol web head is gonna have to be careful! Also thanks to his FLIGHT power he can avoid the barrier that was in his way on his first move action.

On my turn I choose to activate Thor and fly to the top of the nearby tree that Cap was moving towards ( Flight has it's advantages) and retrieve the last of the Celestial hammers that have not been collected yet. I am sore need of points at this stage of the game so this was an essential move! Thor hurls Mjolnir at Cap for his second action but Leo spends a power point to use Caps Vibranium shield ( In comic lore its actually a Adamantium/Vibranium alloy) which stops Thor's attack in its tracks!

Cap retaliates against Thor on Leo's turn but fails to do any damage against the Asgardian god.

Vision gets closer to Ultron with his move of 4 and unleashes his SOLAR ENERGY BEAM at his creator but the shot glances off of his Adamantium shell!

Black Panther observes His fellow Avenger Captain America in trouble with the God of Thunder and rushes to his side using a combination of POUNCE and his standard" MOVE L" to cover the distance and Activates his KINETIC BLAST. The attack does 4 damage to Thor and knocks him back "S" from Black Panther thereby causing another 1 damage point! Thor is shook but not DAZED since he has a Stamina of 6 so he is still holding the Celestial Hammer he picked up last round.

T'Challa apologizes to Captain America as well since the KINETIC BURST also affected Cap who walks off the 1 damage.

Valkyrie attacks SpiderMan with Dragon Fang and hits with 3 damage!!!! the swirl gets canceled but SpiderMan is cut and BLEEDING

For his action Leo activates Spiderman and flees the battle with his "L" movement, landing on a nearby rooftop overlooking the battle between Thor , Captain and Black Panther.

Venom uses his WEB SNARE against Ultron and brings him close enough to attack him but doesn't damage him in the subsequent attack.

Here is the score at the end of Round 3 / beginning of Round 4

Cap uses SHIELD SLAM against Thor and and DAZES him causes him to drop the CELESTIAL HAMMER "2" away from him as chosen by Leo.

In addition Thor is knocked back "S" as a result of the attack special ability!

Vision Blasts Ultron doing another 4 damage but didn't get any WILD dice to suck energy from the homicidal robot.

Spidey and Valkyrie spring into action and uses double move actions to get to Thor's side.

Venom continues to pummel Ultron and hits with 2 more damage causing him to drop the hammer towards Vision. while across the map Black panther moves in and spends a power token to grab the hammer before Thor recovers from his DAZED state.

The score at the end of Round 4

Ultron Grabs the hammer that he dropped last round before the Vision or Venom can grab it. His circuits are exposed however and he is flipped to his damaged card side. Vision uses CALCULATED TRAJECTORY and slams him into a nearby Asgardian building.

Cap attacks Thor twice by standing his ground and throwing his shield but the God of Thunder deflects both attacks with Mjolnir

Thor retaliates by charging in to hit cap with his hammer and then smashing a nearby boulder over his head! Dazing Cap and then drops the hammer, landing at Thor's feet!

As the battle on Asgard winds down it becomes apparent that Ultron and his mind deceived Avengers will emerge victorius against Thor and his Asgardian defenders.

Spiderman leaps up to the top of a nearby tree and shoots his Taser webs at Thor doing 1 DAMAGE while Valkyrie rushes across the battlefield and CHARGES into Black Panther almost rendering him DAZED but thanks to his Wakandan battle suit he still stands.

Black Panther slashes at Valkyrie and hits her for a whopping 5 DAMAGE leaving the Shield maiden standing but hurt badly.

Taking a quick stock of the battle at the zero hour Venom realizes the futility of continuing to fight and sneaks off into the forest to start a new plan...

The score at the end of Round 5

We concluded this battle at the beginning of stage 5 due to my sons dwindling attention and my inability to mount a victory rally.

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy this unique battle report.