Welcome to my Marvel Crisis Protocol Star Lord assembly and paint guide. What follows is an approx 7 hour build and paint of this amazing miniature. I had a lot of fun painting it and hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Whats included in the box

As per all Crisis Protocol expansions you get tokens, Cards and of course lots of plastic. It is worth noting that Atomic Mass Games is being very generous in giving us extra bases and doubles of the smaller pieces in the spru ( in this case the head and hair)

Assembly went well except for the expectant troll from AMG in the form of tiny tiny components that seem to be left off the main sculpts to see how far they can push us before we throw up our hands in rage and just refuse to torture ourselves anymore. In Star Lords case it is his right boot rocket ( honorable mention goes to his left shoulder pad). His head comes in 3 pieces but is fairly easy to assemble. I recommend using a small pointy applicator for your glue instead of dabbing it from the bottle applicator unless you like rolling the roulette wheel on how long it takes you to glue your fingers together.

PRO TIP: Work clean and tidy as you are dealing with some small pieces and it doesn't take much to lose a vital part of the miniature.

The Paint Job

I hot Star Lord up with some Wraithbone Basecoat from Games Workshop because I am going to be painting him primarily with GW Contrast Paints.

As you did in the building stage, make sure you have a clean work area. I use a pallet to mix some of my colors and a small Kleenex to wipe my brushes. My box is handy as a reference as I am going to be painting my Star Lord to match the scheme presented by AMG .

I am going to be using a majority of contrast paints in this job but I like to line up all the possible colors I am going to potentially need. It helps me think about the colors as I paint when I see them in my line of view.

Step 1: Star Lord's coat

Diving in I get to work on his trench coat. I am using Snakebite Leather contrast paint. Make sure you apply a single thin coat and spread it around in vertical strokes. Don't let it pool too much and manage your overflow before putting more contrast paint on.

One thing to note here is that this will not be the final color of the coat but will form the undercoat layer for the final blend that I will apply in the later step. Try not to get too hung up on the look of the coat in this stage. The important part is that you dont apply too much Contrast paint and that the layer is smooth. If you accidentally go over parts of the mini that are not the coat make sure you bust out the Wraithbone pot that you should have as a back up for touch ups.

Step 2: Star Lords pants

Star Lords paints do not represent a large amount of area on this mini so this step is really quick. Apply a single but tidy layer of Talassar Blue on his pants and make sure as I stated earlier that you spread the contrast paint around before applying more. Minimal darkness is what I was going for and making sure the contrast settled into the folds of the material of his pants.

Step 3: Dem Boots

I used Runefang Steel as the base coat for Star Lords boots as well as his mask and blasters. After the steel dries they will get a wash of Iyanden Yellow while the mask and blasters will get a light coat of Basilicanum Grey ( light coats of Contrast paints my friends!). While you are at it with the Basilicanum Grey lightly paint the backs of his knees just to get the white covered.

Step 4: Getting the mask just right

Now the Star Lords mask may seem a quick and easy swath of silver to be later dabbed with Basilicanum Grey Contrast but in this case please make sure not to paint the eyes of the mask with Runefang Steel as the eyes will be dotted with a pure coat of your favorite red. Adding an extra layer of paint is not needed so do your best to work around the eyes. Star Lords hair is an easy step as all you need to do is apply a light layer of Iyanden Yellow Contrast to get his "blondish locks" looking nice.

Now I am taking time to paint the various straps and buckles on his uniform and jacket. I used a contrasting brown that would stand out from the trench coat . Any Khaki color paint you use will do the trick as it will have a slight wash of Basilicanum Grey Contrast applied later.

Step 5: Revisiting the coat

As I stated above Snakebite Leather was a undercoat tor the finishing layer of the trench coat. I now take two contrast paints , Blood Angels Red and Snakebite Leather and create a mix in my palette trying to find a dark brown with a subtle red tinge. Ill leave it to your discretion on how to mix it so that you get the desired look.

Step 6: Boots on fire

Taking some time away from the main body I turn my attention to the smoke trail on his boots/base as well as his boot tips.

For the smoke trail I paint the whole piece in white ( your choice of white shade but lean towards as pure white as possible). After it drys I then give the lower portion a healthy application of Apothecary White Contrast Paint . Using a combination of the White and Apothecary Contrast create a seamless blend between the two layers. Lastly I use the same technique to create the flame section by using a combination of Iyanden Yellow and any "pure red" you have.

For the lower portion of his boots/tips of boots, I simply apply a thin layer of Snakebite Leather Contrast ( get the impression I love this wash?) to give it a contrasting metallic rust look compared to the golden upper portion.

Step 7: All about that Base

Getting towards the end of my 7 hour project I turn my attention to the base of Star Lord. I am not a big fan of AMG's choice of city streets for every figure in the line so far. Star Lord needs to be rocketing over a planetary surface or something other than a generic city street. With that in mind I am painting the default base in a Fire Dragon Bright which I later mix with a Blood Angels Contrast. This will form the base layer after which I cover the whole base in Agerellan Earth texture paint from Games Workshop

When the Texture paint fries you will end up getting cracks ( depending on how much you apply the cracks will be big or small) that will reveal the Orange and Red layer beneath creating a nice " alien lava planet" effect.

The texture paint will take approx 5-8 hours to fully solidify so leave it overnight. I finish my base off with a " Royal Cloak" from Army Painter just so it captures that 80's vibe from the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

What you didn't see me do

Some of the little detail work I did ( forgot to take pictures) was as follows:

- Silver touches on his coat buttons

- Contrast layer on his boot rockets

- Averland Sunset highlights on his boots

- Snake Bite Leather on his gloves

- Runefang Silver on all belt buckles

-Various touch ups

Thanks for reading my Star Lord painting project. My results are by no means the best you will ever see but I am very happy with how it turned out and within a short time he is now " Table Ready" and will be kicking some @$$ on the table in the near future.