Metal Gear Rising :Revengence Review

Part of the enjoyment I get from running my own gaming site is that I have the freedom to write about whatever pleases me . As an independent I am not bound by review timelines or bowing to corporate pressure. Now having sadi that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to getting content engagement because as a one man crew ( and father of 4) I cannot feasibly complete video game reviews fast enough to keep up with all the big gaming sites. The other cool thing is that I can actually dig out old games that either never got reviewed or have faded from public awareness and dust them off the virtual shelf ( I only buy digital copies of games now).

One such game is Metal Gear: Revengeance. A game that debuted during the Xbox 360/PS3 era of gaming and while I was aware of it. never actually put hands on it. So for that reason and the fact that you can download it for FREE as part of this months Xbox Games with Gold, I am going to give you the official Game Nexus review.

Initial release date: February 19 2013

Platforms: Xbox 360 PlayStation 3

Developers: PlatinumGames Kojima Productions Findev

The challenge of reinventing a game franchise or even trying to go in a different direction than previous entries is that you risk alienating the core audience who are expecting a certain type of game at the potential gain of a segment that are open to new experiences. Such is the case with Metal Gear and any of its subsequent games since its glory days on the NES. While its jump to next generation officially happened back in the 90's with Metal Gear Solid on the Playstation there is no debating that it has been a long hard road for the franchise and each subsequent title in the series comes under even more scrutiny as time goes on. The most recent attempt at creating an " offshoot" game was Metal Gear:Survival; a game that was built on the back of the true sequel Metal Gear 5: The Phantom Pain. While that attempt at new game play ideas within the Metal Gear universe ultimately didn't resonate with players, Revengeance did better when it was release almost a decade ago.

Revengeance follows Metal Gear 2's antagonist; Raiden on a moral journey as well as an action packed blade swinging, ass kicking, over the top Ninja assassinating game that will hook you the second you swing your blade for the first time

Revengeance is a super smooth visual feast for the senses. The characters are animated very well and the creativity in the various game assets shows through very well. While not up to current gen standards as far as lighting and crispness ( especially in cut scenes which aren't rendered " in engine") the game succeeds in immersing you in its world and keeping you in it!

The fighting mechanics in Metal Gear Revengeance are actually quite impressive especially for a last gen game where close combat action games took a back seat to traditional shooters. Being able to " Ninja Run" by holding the RT while you run is an amazing concept and I'm sure borrowed from Assassins Creed. It adds a level of bad assness that you wouldn't have had otherwise. Throw in some QT events for the more cinematic moments and you really do feel like a cyborg ninja carving up your enemies in an over the top anime way. The only drawback I felt was the clunkiness of trying to target your sword swipes during frantic encounters and the parry system is a little too reliant on timing although that does add to its challenge factor.

Revengeance creates a very unusual mix of classic Metal Gear sounds infused with heavy metal riffs during its frantic action scenes. Voice acting is about par for the course as far as emulating past Metal Gear games and "corny trying to be serious" dialogue and combat sound effects are bombastic. The sound of your sword slicing and dicing is satisfying in ways that a traditional shooter could never be.

Metal Gear: Revengeance grabs you the second you get past the tutorial and doesn't let up. If you were hoping for more traditional Metal Gear style game play you may walk away dissapointed but if you are willing to embrace a new narrative with a somewhat panned main character from MGS2, then you are in for a treat.