Okay I am going to make a confession. I have never played Minecraft. I also have never watched Game of Thrones, or Westworld, or Tiger King!

Having said that I am VERY excited to play the upcoming Minecraft Dungeons. Why you ask , if I have never played Minecraft proper? Well simple. It is a new game that I can get into at ground level and it doesnt require I spend millions of hours building wonderful constructions out of pixels. I'm just not into building things in video games. It is also one of the the reasons I cannot get into Fortnite.

Minecraft Dungeons also gives me a great game to play with my children who love Minecraft. It gives me the grindy/loot driven game play wrapped up in a cute pixel art style my children love ( If only they knew that all video games were pixels when I was their age.)

Minecraft Dungeons releases on May 26th in North America and will be available for Game Pass on day one. You can now go to the Game Pass screen on your Xbox and pre-load it just to give you a nice screen shot to brag to your " Non Game Pass friends"