During my high school years my days and nights consisted mostly of reading and playing Dungeons and Dragons. Those of you who follow me on this site and our connected social accounts know that I am a HUGE pop culture nerd and the fact that video games now intersect with all of my interests means I am living in an era of complete bliss.

If you would have told me back then that I would be able to play a video game based on my favorite fantasy novels at the time in a fully realized world with graphics that would melt a 16 year old's eyes who was living in an era of 16 bit graphics...well I would have started looking to see if you just pulled up in a Delorian!

Well its 30 years late but that game is finally here and while not much is known at the moment , from what we have seen in this new trailer it seems like the developers are on track to capture the feel and love of the source material.

The trailer showcases primarily the hack and slash combat against larger than life bosses but the developers have assured us that RPG mechanics and systems will be a part of the games experience when it launches later this year.