new marvel champions play mats

It has been awhile since I have played Marvel Champions, so long in fact that I have recently started re-learning the game with a friend. When the game first launched I was a advid content creator for the game and sadly fell off the train awhile back.

Last year I started creating custom game mats to help new players and veterens allike enjoy the game and after all this time has passed I decided to revisit my designs and re launch the mat line I created with new styles and updates to the functionality of them.

Have a look below to review the intent and overview of how the mats work with a video I posted last year. If you like what you see download the two free mats below ( a starter Spiderman mat and a universal Villain mat ).

My intent is to roll out a whole new line of mats to help existing and new players alike enjoy this amazing game. Keep checking back for updates or sign up with us and drop me a message!

Download ZIP • 305KB

Download ZIP • 312KB