Paladins is not an overwatch clone and that is what makes it great

Now before you jump all over me and start telling me how much you love Overwatch and how you think it is better than Paladins let me just say this; I like Overwatch as well.

When the " Hero Shooter" genre started creeping into my FPS genre I didn't quite get what the fuss was about. In fact I turned my nose up at the fact that you couldn't customize your own load out and character visualization . When Blizzard started rolling out cinematics for their upcoming game Overwatch I was convinced. Convinced that a shooter could actual be amazing without all the options I was used to in my other FPS games.

Hero shooters are boiled down modern shooters that have become so bloated with options that the skill is now mostly taken out in favor of load outs and kill streaks and all manner of balancing issues that comes along with game breaking customization.

Well considering I have mentioned Overwatch more than Paladins I guess I need to get back on topic. When Paladins was released after Overwatch the inevitable comparisons started flying like crazy with many on the Overwatch bench crying foul on Hi Rez's marketing and designs. To them this was a cheap Overwatch knock off.

I will leave the back story of Paladins for another story on another day. What Ii do want to talk about is how Paladins is most assuredly NOT an Overwatch clone and how amazing of a game it is. Here are my reasons that I love Paladins and why I think you owe it to yourself to try it out.

Paladins is FREE

Lets get that out of the way right away. Unlike Overwatch, Hi Rez decided to continue its tradition of making it's games Free to Play and instead monetize the game through a myriad of cosmetic and random loot boxes. Its the League of Legends model that really kick started the industry's love of loot boxes ( well maybe it was the mobile games industry's fault)

Paladins will allow you to purchase characters and skins via in game currency that you earn by playing and compleing " Quests" but if you want to fast track your progress and also get some sweet looking character skins you are going to have to dump some real world $ into the game.

Paladins is Multi Platform...sort of

While this is an ongoing debate and subject, Hi Rez has stated that they are making it happen. This cross platform party will sadly not be a complete circle as Sony traditionally wil not allow it on their platform ( Unless your name happens to be Fortnite). Nevertheless Switch, PC and Xbox players will soon be able to play together despite potential interface benefits and drawbacks.

Point of View Options

Depending on your preference for shooters you will either lean towards 3rd person style ala Gears of War or First Person view. Paladins give you both options and a easy to perform " hot swap" lets you toggle it on the fly ( Just push up on your D pad).

Character Variety

Now I know that Overwatch has a very robust line up of heroes and villains to choose from and quantity doesn't really matter but having an extra 11 characters to choose from is never a bad thing. Paladins may not have a very compelling overarching story that ties all these characters together but the zaniness and design of it's cast make up for it.

In the end it will fall to the individual as to whether Paladins style and nuances resonate. In my case the fact that their was no barrier to play ( Free) and the fluid controls combined with the points above mad it a no brainer for me. The real question I am curious about is how long I will be able to hold out before I actually start pumping real money into the game for some of it's premium cosmetics.