If you have been following my articles over the past few years you will know that a lot of my youth was spent indulging in various Role Playing Games that helped shape my interests as an adult. From Dungeons and Dragons to lesser known games like Robotech and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other strangeness. RPG's have a very special place in my heart and even to this day they have continued to bring me happiness in my life.

Recently I jumped into the new living card game by Fantasy Flight Games; Marvel Champions. While not a role playing game it has brought me back to the days of playing the actual Marvel Superheroes RPG from TSR ( yeah I'm old I get it). The card game channels the same comic book feel that the RPG did and really scratches that itch for playing a supers Role Playing game.

Being the creative soul that I am I quickly looked at ways to enhance this experience and landed on the idea of creating custom game mats for it. I know that a lot of players ( pretty much all in fact) prefer to use costly neoprene mats with fancy graphics but I was aiming towards a more functional concept while maintaining the comic book feel.

The other goal was to create a mat that could help new players understand how a living card game needs to be laid out on your game table with specific slots for the decks and cards. While some players are opposed to being told where to place cards during game play I actually think that it helps new players keep organized.

I have created numerous mats and made them available on my Game Nexus Tabletop Tools site


These mats are available for FREE and at a small cost for some of the more stylish ones. Let me know if you like them and if they add to your experience playing the game.

Mt most recent mat is for the upcoming Wrecking Crew Expansion. This mat was difficult to design because of the added elements with the unique nature of the Villain expansion.

Thanks for following and let me know if you have any feedback by leaving a comment below.