Pull of the Week: February Week 1

Welcome to a new column that will be focusing on the CCG side of the gaming industry. The market for CCG's has grown like a wildfire over the past decade and while I have managed to stay clear of this addicting part of my gaming hobby, recently a new game was released that succeeded in pulling me back in; Transformers.

The Transformers Trading Card Game is a Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast product and is a homage to the 80's versions of all the characters. The artwork is amazing and the game mechanics are super easy while having tremendous depth.

I picked up a couple boosters this weekend at my local shop so lets see what we pulled!

Flamewar is an excelent support character and your team benefits simply by having her on the field in either form!


"Flamewar" is one of the last of the original Decepticon army, having served during the rule of the original Megatron as faithfully as any Decepticon that you could name. She has a wide variety of skills, from spy and saboteur to scientist, which kept her quite busy in the Decepticon ranks.

She longs for the return to those days of glory and conquest, when she could spend years plotting against Arcee, but she has little hope of such a thing happening. She finds the remaining Decepticon "generals" pale imitations and short-sighted power-mongers, so she has hitched her wagon onto that of the emerging Tripredacus Council.

Source:Transformers Wiki

This Booster pull has some interesting combos that can be used with Flame War right out of the pack.

- Use BATTLE SWORD in conjunction with her Vehicle Mode to get a total of BOLD 4 for the character with the sword!

-Likewise when she is in Bot mode you can use IMPROVISED SHIELD to get TOUGH 2.

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