Pull of the Week: February Week 2

Welcome back to another " Pull of the Week" article. This week we are ripping open another Transformers TCG pack and showing you what we got.

If you haven't had a chance to play this awesome new card game, I highly recommend you pick up a starter pack and give it a whirl.

If you are Transformers fan from the 80's Era , you wont be disappointed as this game draws its visual design from the classic cartoons with a modernized twist.


Most make the mistake of noticing only Arcee's gender, but these first impressions are quickly expanded upon. Arcee is a merciless and deadly warrior who's an expert in hand-to-hand combat and one of the best sharpshooters on record. The reason for her ferocity is how much she cares for her fellow Autobots and especially the humans they protect. She knows how fragile her organic companions are, and she's equally aware of the evils the Decepticons are capable of. Peers such as Hot Rod and Springer may be more durable than the humans, but she no less fights to defend them as well.

Source:Transformers Wiki


Transform ARCEE into her ALT mode at the beginning of your turn and then immediately use RAPID CONVERSION from your hand to get her back to bot mode and ready for battle! This gives all your characters a quick little heal for the round.

Thanks for tuning into this weeks Pull for The Transformers Trading Card Game and keep checking back each week for a new pull.