Pull of the Week: February Week 3

My little son Leo Maverick just loves Transformers. Even though he cant quite read there is nothing that makes him happier than ripping open a new booster pack every week. Now that he knows he gets to do this every week he cant wait for our weekly pull articles.

Every week I try and rotate through various retailers in my home city of Victoria B.C Canada and this weeks pull came from a local shop named Gauntlet Games.

Lets see what Leo pulled.


Swoop is the friendliest and most outgoing of the Dinobots. He's surprisingly good natured, kind, and upbeat. Few of his comrades realize this however, as his team's reputation and his alt-form, considered (for some reason) particularly "horrifying" to Transformer aesthetics, makes others wary of getting close enough to learn about the bot himself. Swoop is an excellent aerial combatant and bombardier, and has become skilled at using the fear his alt mode creates in battle. He considers it his greatest weapon. Like all the Dinobots, Swoop tends to be arrogant, disobedient, and generally disagreeing with Optimus Prime's leadership style. He's also a bit of a show-off.

Source:Transformers Wiki

Rare Pull

-Matrix of Leadership


Deploy Armored Plating on Swoop as quick as possible if you are using this card. In Bot form Swoop has no Defense (Blue)

While Swoop isn't my favourite Transformer or even favorite Dino Bot he is a welcome addition to the collection. Leo has recently found out about the Beast Wars cartoon and has taken a liking to "Cheetor". Here's hoping we get a Beast Wars themed expansion at some point.

Make sure you tune in to next weeks Pull as we close out February and get ready to jump to a new game in March!