Quick Play: Assassins Creed Odyssey Part 1

Now that the dust has settled on last years Assassins Creed Odyssey I am finally booting it up and giving it a deep dive in part 1 of this multi part series looking at probably the best entry in the venerable series.

I actually do own pretty much every Assasins Creed game that has been released on console and yet have not completed a single one. The furthest I have progressed in a single game has been maybe 5 hours or less. This is a pure tragedy and inexcusable on every level.

The Assasins Creed series rivals the Call of Duty franchise in quantity of titles released

I have however stayed abreast of the games story, characters and various settings through ought the years. When Odyssey was announced last year I decided that it would be the title that I play through entirely.

Enter 2019 and here I am completely late to this party. Everyone else in the world has beaten the game and moved on to new and shiner toys ( cough cough Red Dead Redemption 2..).

One of the challenges I face as an editor is being able to review and create content for games when they are released. My ability to complete, stream and or review games is not as efficient as a bigger site or a top streamer. What I have now done is resign myself to the fact that i will never be first to get game content out to the public but at least when I do to give it attention and maybe look at it with a different set of eyes versus getting caught up in the release hype train that always attaches to any new game.

Odyssey is a new direction for the franchise and one that I hope sets the tone and style of all fourth coming games in the series. It takes the tried and true mechanics of the series and wraps them up in a beautiful RPG wrapper that is more akin to The Division than anything else. While not a shared world game if still revolves around you exploring a massive world and tackling quests and finding loot. In fact the games character and abilities screens remind me of The Division's progression screens.

There is no way I am going to be able to create a full play through of this title as it is just too massive. What I am going to do instead is create a collection of game play videos that showcase my journey in different stages of the game and of course give you my own opinion on the game as I go.

Strap in for Episode 1 below and be sure to leave comments and suggestions below.