Quickplay: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Being a HUGE fan of 16 bit gaming and a "Legacy Gamer" I have a soft spot in my heart for platformers, especially the kind that involve fantasy worlds where you get to slay larger than live bosses and upgrade your character along the way.

Having been a gamer since the days of Pitfall and Asteroids I got to see the industry grow up < and it is still growing> and platforming games quickly became a staple of all gamer's ( Mario and Sonic anyone?).

A little known game in the Sega Master System's library was a game called " Wonderboy". Your hero was a little kid in diapers running , and sometimes skateboarding his way across a variety of 2D levels getting coins and buying new gear ( and some clothes lol). There was a continuous supply of sequel's and follow ups over the years of the Sega Genesis era.

Well now it looks like " Wonderboy" has reinvented himself as "Monsterboy" in this spiritual Successor. Have a look at our Quickplay of the Demo below.

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