Quickplay: Resident Evil 2 One Shot Demo

Resident Evil was a defining moment for the original PlayStation back in the mid 90's. The game was a flagship title that really showed off what that generation of hardware was capable of delivering, not just in pure graphics but in creating a new genre of video game as well as showing that video games could evoke real emotion in players. Like real honest to goodness scared ****** emotions!

Topping that game in the inevitable sequel was not going to be easy but top it they did and took the genre forward by offering branching stories and expanding the cast of the original almost as if they knew the series would one day turn into a massive juggernaut spanning 7 sequels and numerous off shoots and side stories.

In 2002 the original Resident Evil game got a remake on the Nintendo Game Cube with a whole new graphics engine that made the game even more of a immersive experience and with more realistic graphics versus the jaggedness 3D that the PS1 brought to the table when it launched.

Sadly the remake phenomenon wasn't in full swing yet at the sequel never got the same treatment...until now.

Capcom has delivered us an incredible re imagining of Resident Evil 2 with all the modern trimmings including Power Windows ( HD visuals), Leather Seats ( a full 3D camera system) and Air Conditioning ( bone chilling sound effects and lighting).

The new Demo takes you on a 30 min journey into the full game that will be releasing January 25, 2019 I switched off my lights and locked the door to go full Leon in the demo; here is what transpired...