QuickPlay: Shinobi Retro play

It seems like as this generation moves forward I still find myself getting sucked back into the nostalgia vortex. By that I mean when I see classic games popping up on my digital marketplace, I feel compelled to buy them and re live my youthful memories of playing 8 bit and 16 bit video games on a fully 4K HD enabled monster console. Maybe the industry knows I am a sucker for nostalgia and that's why they are torturing me.

One particular game holds a soft spot in my heart and that is Shinobi.

Shinobi was released in the arcades during Sega's glory days ( The 80's) along with games like Afterburner, Space Harrier, Alien Syndrome and others. It came along when the Ninja craze of the 80's had swept the world and I think was the first video game featuring a Ninja as the main character( yes it pre-dated Ninja Gaiden). Not having a decent arcade in my town I was forced to wait until a home port was made of the game. While not a carbon copy it gave me my fix and it wasn't until years later when the Sega Genesis was released and Revenge of Shinobi launched shortly after for it.

The Sega Classics version of Shinobi is in actual fact the arcade version pixel for pixel now playable on modern day consoles.

If you haven't had a chance to play the game I really recommend it as it is sure to give you a decent challenge and give you a glimpse of 80's game design at its finest.