Realm royale brings it to the genre

If 2018 wasn't the explosion of the Battle Royal Genre then 2019 sure will be. Already we have several players vying for the crown of " Best of the Best" in the genre with Epic's Fortnite leading the pack. Companies like Activision and EA are throwing their hat in the ring while the genre's genesis title ; PUB G still hangs on to a dwindling player base through updates to it's aged engine.

Just like over types of games over the years ( Horde Mode anyone?) developers are all eager to capture the attention of gamer's who love this 1v100 style of game play or as I prefer to call it " Video Game Hunger Games".

Hi Rez Studios, the creators of Smite and Paladins have crafted a familiar ( in keeping with their history of coincidentally designing games that bear striking similarities to other mainstay titles in the genre) game in Realm Royal and one that at first glance would be considered riding the visual and game play coat tails of the ever popular Fortnite.

Realm Royal has a DISTINCT Fantasy flair and really stands out in my opinion

Realm Royal is currently in closed BETA stage and while there are plenty of players to be found the game hasn't really started it's marketing push yet. Popular streamers like " Ninja" have already started broadcasting and making content for the game so it is fair to say the game will start to have a word of mouth when it gets closer to launch when everyone can get their hands on it.

In the meantime check out our Quick Play of Realm Royal where I take you through a few matches and give you an overview of how 3 of the games classes play out in a live match. Enjoy!