• Dwayne Morash

Rogue Company goes UNDERCOVER

If you asked me what game I have logged the most play time on in the past two years I would have to say that Rogue Company sits at the top of that list. I jumped on the game back in 2020 when it was in " closed Alpha" and not yet available to the public. While the game visually remains the same as it did back them ( except the visual update for the new generation of consoles) it has however undergone MASSIVE changes in how it plays and the depth of its various game play systems. Not to mention the fact that the roster of playable rogues has doubled and map quantity has improved.

Hi Rez is a dedicated studio and their latest update " Covert Ops" is sure to please long time fans and new comers! If you haven't played Rogue Company yet , I highly recommend you do so!

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