Thanks to my good friend Kyle Porter over at Porters Portfolio I finally have a use for all these random miniatures that are lying around my house. It started with a conversation with Kyle long ago about how we both wanted to play the Mini game Infinity but just couldn't get our heads wrapped around the rules. The game has incredible miniatures and aesthetics but the game itself is beyond me.

Enter Rogue Stars , a Open Miniature tabletop game with a sci-fi aesthetic and a rule system that blends RPG elements with a streamlined action oriented war game feel.

You can pick the core book up from Osprey Publishing for around $20 CDN. It is a small book with just enough flavor to kick start your imagination to the stars!

Kyle and I are building competing teams of characters to hit the table with and I am kicking things off with the first of my crew below. In future articles I will delve into the game play systems and walk you through some specifics of the game itself but for this article I am just diving in and seeing what I come up with. Enjoy.

Bristow was a bad ass space pirate running with the wrong group of pirates. He was adopted by a vicious group of raiders at a young age and as he grew up in their ranks he thought that it bought him some form of loyalty with them. He was wrong!

An overzealous captain got him and his crew in over their heads and they needed to make a quick decision, leave Bristow behind and get away safely with the loot or everyone gets caught. Guess which option they took?

Bristow escaped that day and vowed to join a new crew dedicated to fighting back against the swarm of raiders that were taking over the galactic free space.

Name: Bristow

Occupation: Ex- Galactic Raider

Traits: Heavy Worlder,Steadfast (2) ,Tough(3),

Starting Equipment: Bionic Arm,

Starting Weapons: Slug Pistol, 2X Frag Grenade

Starting Armor:Kevlar Jacket

Total XP: 55

"Bristow is loyal to his new crew; "The Nova Squad". While not armed with advanced weaponry he has a heart of gold and some muscle to back it up."

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