The Robotech saga has endured for decades and was a major force in shaping my love of anime as a kid. I was first introduced to it back in the early 80's and fell in love with its serialized storytelling that encompassed mature themes about love and war while giving kids a heavy dose of giant robots fighting giant aliens.

A few short years later a company called Palladium Books acquired the license to produce a tabletop RPG for the cartoon and suffice to say it became a mainstay for my gaming group and fueled my love of the series even more.

The game is now out of print and the license has changed hands. A new RPG from Strange Machine Games is due out in 2020. For now though if you are interested in jumping into the world of Robotech and get a feel for how this amazing cartoon would play out on your table, then try the Palladium version...if you can find it.

My thoughts on it are below