RPG Review: Starfinder Beginner Box

Early this year I decided that I wanted to branch out in 2019 and try a new Role Playing Game that didn't come from my existing library. This meant I would have to invest some money into buying more books and supplements and materials much like I did in High School. Truth be told I haven't invested a lot of money on my RPG hobby over the years preferring instead to resist old games from my archive and dusting them off for a new generation of players,.

One of the games that was top of my list was Pazios " Starfinder". I remembers seeing the announcement when it was made and thinking that this would be a great game t o jump in on. A new franchise and IP with a very cool sci fi wrapper around it.

Initially it was the cost of diving into a new game that deterred me but as time when in I realized that this may just be the game to scratch my RPG itch.

Having run a brief Star Wars D6 game last year I felt that I really wanted to run a sci-fi campaign but silly as it sounds I felt that Star Wars was too claustrophobic for me. It was a grand sweeping universe but one that has been mapped out with pre-established lore and presents itself as a proverbial minefield if you plan on running a campaign that adheres to any kind of canonical framework.

I would spend days trying to brainstorm an adventure and being nervous the whole time. How could I possibly capture the feeling of being in a Star Wars movie?

The answer was staring at me the whole time. Run a campaign that gave you the tools to create your own Soace Opera without all of the baggage that came with an established IP.

In short...I chose to buy in on Starfinder and dive in with both feet.

When Pazio announced a Beginner Boxed Set for the game I waited and waited. If I was going to jump in on this game I was going to do it right and that journey took me to the gates of this wonderful [product that I have reviewed for you below.

NOTE: This is the first episode of Game Nexus LIVE and was broadcast unedited on MIXER. The review you will see below is the YouTube Upload with minor editing . Being that it is our first run with this format I expect lots of issues ( audio and visual) so please make sure you leave feedback and suggestions.