Star Wars Battlefront 2:Capital Supremacy Gameplay

I have to give kudos to EA and DICE for keeping Star Wars Battlefront supported going on 3 years after it was released! The game was met with a massive amount of backlash when it launched due in part to it's loot box systems and while that was a major issue that needed to be addressed I do think that it tool away from the fact that the game was an impressive title.

Since then the game has been supported with FREE DLC and expansions including game modes, characters and even a complete new set of Clone War Era skins and characters to choose from.The game just keeps getting better and I have to wonder at this point if EA would just be better off using this game as a platform to update much like Ubisoft has done with Rainbow Six Siege instead of making sequels to the game every couple of years.

Have a look at the gameplay below if you want to see just how far this game has come since its 2017 launch.