Star Wars: OUter Rim Preview

What a great time to be a Star Wars fan. Not only are we getting a constant feed of movies and TV Shows but we are getting a steady drip feed of great Video Games and tabletop board games/war games.

The brains behind the tabletop success of Star Wars is a company called , Fantasy Flight Games.

They have created some amazing Star Was experiences for your tabletop and now they are bringing that design mastery to a new experience called; Star Wars; The Outer Rim.

The Outer Rim is a traditional Board Game experience that lets up to 4 players assume the roles of iconic heroes and outlaws from the Star Wars franchise. Each player is given a " Player Dock" which is a fancy way of describing a tray to keep all your game pieces in.

The role of the player is to travel around a galaxy map and take on missions and progress their character through leveling, ship upgrades, crew roster and even personal equipment. Credits are the ultimate pursuit and whether you get them by becoming a bounty Hunter or smuggler its up to you.

The game appears to have the usual high production standards that FFG is typically known for as well as stunning artwork on the game pieces and card assets.

I am actually excited to dive into a co operative game that doesn't require me to build and paint a bunch of miniatures before I can play. Not only that but it is focusing on an aspect of the Star Wars Universe that isn't commonly explored in games, the outlaws and shady characters of the galaxy.

The Outer Rim will be landing in stores sometime in the second quarter of this year and make sure you leave a comment if you plan on playing it yourselves.