One of the most exciting games I played during the 16-bit era was Streets of Rage ( 1&2). The franchise started in 1991/92 as a direct competitor to the Super Nintendo's " Final Fight" title. Final Fight was a launch title for the SNES and while the graphics were mind blowing for a home port the game lacked a co-op mode that made the arcade version a smash hit. On top of that there was only two characters to choose from and ironically it was Sega who gave us the definitive version of the game even to this day in the form of the Sega CD Final Fight years later.

At the time that Streets of Rage was released Sega was on top of their game and hitting the market with a two player side scrolling brawler with a kick ass soundtrack to boot was just the lightning in a bottle to give this franchise a boost into the hearts of gamer's everywhere.

Streets of Rage 4 is expected to launch sometime this year and my anticipation cannot be expressed enough! From what I have seen every attempt at honoring the original era of side scrolling brawling is a part of the game and i addition the developers have just released a trailer showcasing a feature that I could not have imagined. You will be able to " palette swap" the playable characters in the game with the original pixel perfect versions of themselves from the 90's series of games BUT the rest of the game maintains the new visual style and design of the main game. Have a look below to see this marvelous feature in action.