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Sucked into the Marvel Multiverse RPG

I can honestly say that the Marvel Super Heroes line of RPG's that have spanned the decades since the very first one landed in my lap as young boy have never failed to capture my attention. No admittedly I have not logged as much playtime with any of them since their inaugural game but each and every time a new publisher has released its game, I have been there to scoop up a copy.

My journey with Marvel pre dates the recent surge of comic movies and has its origins in the comics that I would pick up during my monthly pilgrimage to my local corner store. The stories and artwork inspired me to create my own tales and flooded my mind with creative concepts and ideas.

When I saw the news that Marvel was publishing their own RPG called " The Multiverse RPG" I was beyond excited. As an older gamer I have settled into a very broad view of new games and while I am still critical of the games rules and systems, I am less concerned about those elements than I am about how easy the game is to new players.

Being a professional educator in my career means I am sensitive to how I can bring these games to a new generation of kids looking to unlock their imagination like I did when I was younger.

This article is not about discussing the game itself but more about having a look at one change that I have made to the presentation of this new game.

The new RPG character sheet was the first stop for me in my learning of the new game, mainly because I knew that in order for me to learn the game I was going to have to get to grips with a sheet. My brain is wired in a very visual way and believe it or not how a game is visually laid out to me can make or break whether I adopt it.

The character sheets in this new game while serviceable lacked any real pizzazz to draw me into the game. The information is all laid out nicely but didn't do much to spark my imagination. One of my passions in life is to take existing game properties and iterate on them in my free time to see if I can make them friendlier for players who are on boarding to a new game. Things like game aids and character sheets are often my first area of work.

While I do not want to undermine the hard work that the designers have put into the Multiverse RPG I feel that the character sheets they DESERVE to be overhauled to give them that Marvel panache.

Below you will see my creations for three characters in the new play test book. Please feel free to download the PDFs I have attached to this article and use in your own play tests. I will have more coming in the following weeks as I start to sink my teeth into the game and start to do my own play tests. Just in case it needs to be said, I do not own any of the visual assets used in the creation of the character sheets. They are formatted in 11x17 size for place mat style use at your game table.



Marvel MultiMulotiverse Captain America PDFFINAL
Download PDF • 25.09MB

Marvel Multiverse RPG character sheettemplate Black PantherPDFFINAL
Download PDF • 17.92MB

Wolverine Multiverse character sheet PDFFINAL
Download PDF • 30.65MB

Spiderman Multiverse character sheet PDFFINAL
Download PDF • 27.89MB

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