Teaching Legion

As it happens to be I have a very curious daughter who loves gaming. With all the games I have in my library it was just a matter of time before the two of us landed on Star Wars Legion and we embarked on a journey of how to play. Star Wars Legion is a passion game of mine and a daunting one. It is a new game and I know the road ahead in the hobby will be a long one. Not only does it fulfill my love of playing with Star Wars action figures but it also scratches my war gaming hobby itch.

The game has a wide open road ahead and I can expect tons of new stuff to play with over the years and the meta t o deepen. I have taken it upon myself to play the " long game" on this hobby. I may not play as many games as I want to but I am getting there and Makaela ( my daughter) is the closest gaming partner I have as far as proximity; her curse for having a father who loves tabletop I suppose but she isn't complaining.

Today I introduced her to the Star Wars Legion hobby and she actually enjoyed it. The rules flowed and she got a grasp quite easily of how the mechanics work.

Below is a written Battle Report of our 1st round.

Makaela's List

1x Leia Organa

1x Rebel Troopers ( UPGRADES= 1 extra trooper+ 1 z-6 trooper)

1x Fleet Troopers ( UPGRADES= 1 extra trooper + 1 scatter gun trooper)

Dwayne's List

1x Storm troopers (UPGRADE= DLT19 +1 stormtrooper unit)

1x Snow troopers )UPGRADE= Flame trooper+ snow trooper unit)

General Veers

Set Up

Makaela and decided a straight up firefight would be best for our first game together. She won the Command phase and started getting to action.

The ease of movement via the movement rulers was the first element she fell in love with. It takes measuring out of the game and is PURE genius!

Having a full table to move around in was a little overwhelming but she soon got to work lowering her head to " model POV" and was squinting like a pro.

We struggled in the first steps just getting the rules locked down. I opted to go for a " learn as you go" approach and made sure to slowly explain each rules as we encountered it. Makaela asked some insightful questions about cover and even picked up on the various stat lines on the character cards.

She made some good movement choices in the first round that surprised me.

The best aspect of this game is that it has a very smooth turn system. By removing the concept of measuring ranges by inches like most games it essentially makes it incredibly approachable for young players.

Once the shooting started we decided to use the new FFG Star Wars Dice App.

The Dice App is a great tool and really helped Makaela visualize the results of the dice while taking the scariness out of old fashioned " shake and roll" system that I grew up with. Amazingly she gets very anxious when asked to roll dice but when a computer does it she seems calmer, almost as if whatever shows on the dice are not a result of her " bad rolling" but rather the computer.

My learning's after our first round was that I needed to spin the narrative and description of what we were doing so that it became more than just a glorified chess game. To engage her imagination and thereby making her enjoy the game I feel that descriptions and a little Role Playing helped her see the larger picture of the game versus making a bad move or a bad choice.

I am excited to get going on round 2 and Makaela even told me she was enjoying it. Our new gaming space makes it easy for to play the game in bite size chunks. A 9 year old's brain can only take in so much strategic elements.

Stay tuned for part 2....