As sad as it may sound but my very first experience with the Perfect Dark series began with my Xbox 360 back in 2005. In fact Perfect Dark Zero was probably the first FPS that I really sunk my teeth into. It came at a time when I had decided to throw myself back into the world of console gaming having been immersed in MMO's for close to 6 years on my PC. I sank hundreds of hours into that game and it was through that experience that I learned how to play FPS games and also developed a love for co operative and competitive games.

While not a perfect game and far from the best the 360 era produced it was nonetheless a starting point that sad to say never got a follow up in that consoles generation nor the Xbox One generation either.

Well after todays announcement I can finally put that hope to rest. Now let's just hope Joanna's legacy doesn't get tarnished by a developer that isn't RARE.