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The 80's just collided with my RPG hobby and I am drooling with anticipation

when I was first introduced to Dungeons and Dragons in the 80's I was around 12 years old. It was an enlightening experience and opened my imagination . I actually can say that it fueled my imagination my entire life and still influences me in my adult years as a content creator and educator.

The thing is after my first few games of Dungeons and Dragons I took a step back and said

" That was cool...but what other Role playing games are there?"

Not having a massive amount of games to choose from in the 80's I quickly set about pulling from my list of favorite cartoons and comic books , not even movies were safe from the creative monster that TSR unleashed.

Being a young mind meant that nothing was going to get in my way to creating a Role playing game based on my two favorite cartoons; GI Joe and Transformers and I quickly set out developing a set of basic rules and stats and character creation systems that allowed my friends to jump into the worlds Hasbro had created. We played several sessions but eventually my mind started to drift and before I knew it I was an adult longingly waiting for some big time game developer to create a game with all the polish that a young me couldn't.

Well Hallelujah that day has come ( or is coming rather)! Imagine my surprise when a social media news feed slammed an article about not just a GI-Joe Role Playing Game but a Transformers one to boot!


If you haven't yet done so and you are a fan of both these franchises then I highly suggest you do so. Seriously DO IT NOW!

While I don't yet have an official release date be sure to keep your eyes targeted on the Game Nexus for any news as we intend to be following these projects VERY closely.

Renegade Game Studios

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