The Bothan Report: Emperor Palpatine Commander Expansion

If you didn't think that your Imperial Army had enough strength to fight those pesky Rebels then the newest Commander Expansion for Star Wars Legion will surely change your mind. Launching in the 4th Quarter of 2018 this nice little kit will ship alongside his infamous Royal Guard troopers.

When you open the expansion you will get your standard assortment of awesome Star Wars Legion value. That is a finely sculpted miniature of Palpatine, 3 command cards and Gear cards as well as Stat card and an assortment of tokens to go along with him.

Lets dig into his Stat Card. While you may not think that this frail looking Sith Lord has any place on a battlefield you are mistaken.

POINT COST Right off the bat you need to think hard about his point cost. At 210 points this guy will chew up a lot of points that you could be using for boots on the ground troops and gear.

"PULLING THE STRINGS"...still with me? Great lets look at what he does well. His ,manipulative powers manifest in the ability " Pulling the Strings" and is a great way to get a free action . Royal Guards have their own rule below so this one can be used for those Storm Trooper Units you hold back.


Imperial Royal Guards: There's that synergy I was talking about earlier. Looks like you need to open your wallet a little bigger this month and spring for those Royal Guards.


This ability is crucial when using "Palps" as his main actions will revolve around the force and his use of it to destroy your opponents.

"During the End Phase, a unit that has the master of the force x keyword may ready up to X of its exhausted Force upgrade cards. "


Albeit a short ranged attack it packs a powerful punch. You get to load your hand up with six dice with 2 of each color and at least 2 of the results getting a PIERCE makes his force lightning a easy way to thin out some troops on your opponents side of the table.


Jumping right in with his 1(pip) command card Palpatine is a complete force to be reckoned with! While you want to use this sparingly as his health is what you will be using as a trade off with it " And now...You Will Die" is a sure fire way to establish a sense of fear for this unit. Getting him in close is imperative because his force lightning is a range 1-2 attack and meant to be up close and personal.

Thanks for tuning into another Bothan Report and make sure you keep checking back to get all the latest info on Star Wars Legion!