The Bothan Report: Heavy Blaster/cannon team expansion

In their fight against each other both the Rebels and the Imperials have rolled out some heavy hitting machines of war against each other. In this Bothan Report we are going to looks at 2 of Anti Vehicle units that should have your enemy being very wary the next time the decide to boldly move onto the table with any kind of armored vehicle!

The first thing you have to get your head wrapped around when you add these units to your army list is that you wont be moving them much during your match ( The E-Web team is " cumbersome" and the Turret team cant move at all). That makes it one of your most tactical choices in deployment. Resist the urge to break those cool looking Snow Troopers or Echo Base Rebels of the template because it isn't going to happen.

Whats in the box

Both expansions come with some impressive plastic. You'll get a nicely sculpted over sized based unit with either. The trooper sculpts are part of the unit and feature them in some dynamic and relevant poses for a couple troops who are stuck manning a potentially attractive target for your opponent.

Stat Cards

Lets take a look at both the Imperial E-Web team and the Rebel 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team an see what they bring to your table.

Some key abilities to pay attention to for the Rebel turret team are SENTINEL and the fact that these units have IMPACT

SENTINEL is going to extend your stand bye range to 3 so make sure that even if you don't have a target available when its your action to at least slap that Stand Bye token on it.

IMPACT is a no brainer to use against any unit that has armor that needs to be punched through. Every "CRIT" helps!

For the E-Web team they don't have Impact but are a little more mobile at least not to mention the huge handful of dice you will be rolling when it attacks!

CUMBERSOME will restrict you to forfeiting your move if you want to fire your E-Web Cannon but the E-web team can actually move the blaster cannon in their move action and use there E-11 blasters instead.

Upgrade Cards

Don't forget to buff up your units with some Upgrade cards. Specifically you will want to add in BARRAGE GENERATOR and OVERCHARGED GENERATOR. Barrage's extra white attack dice will come in handy ( I would invest in more dice or the FFG Dice App) or better yet if you want to punch Through some armor use OVERCHARGED GENERATOR instead. While we are on the topic of armor remember that the E-Web cannon tam convert surges into critical so all is not lost when you need to tackle some vehicles in your way.

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