It seems so long ago when the Division launched and gamers around the world got a taste at what a open world looter shooter from Ubisoft can be like. It was a game that I couldn't wait to play after it's reveal at E3 the year prior. In the end the final game was a little less than what they promised ( or that I had built up in my mind to be like) it was nonetheless a very amazing experience and filled with story to keep you motivated to play through its various end game content drops. All in all it was a success.

The Division 2 didn't have the same effect on me. Yes the graphics are amazing and the setting channels the best that the Walking Dead has to offer but maybe I had just burnt out on the game play of the first game. Taking a break was probably the best solution and since I have not been playing the game for almost a year it now feels fresh when I booted it up the other night.

To my surprise there was a massive content drop incoming and boy was it a big one. " Warlords of New York" sends your Division 2 agent back to New York for a series of missions and a large narrative that sees you hunting down Aaron Keener and his cronies in the aftermath of his hostile takeover of the Division HQ in Manhattan.

Suit up agents! The chopper is waiting to take you back where it all began!