In my mind the Division is a very deep experience in game play immersion. A game where the world is so rich that it just begs you to wander around it at walking speed and explore every nook and cranny the developers poured into it. Sadly the game mechanics have another goal and an all together different genre in mind; Looter Shooter.

Lately I have dived back into The Division 2 and decided to take a more laid back approach to the game and embrace the RPG elements of the game, specifically the immersion. rather than running around the map and fast traveling to each mission area I laid out some ground rules. Firstly NO FAST TRAVEL. As in nowhere. The only time fast travel is permitted is if you warp to assist another agent distress call and have to get back to your zone at the end of the mission or session.This extends to ALL the missions I am doing. If it means I have to walk across the map to get to a story mission then so be it!

Secondly, NO RUNNING. To be specific NO RUNNING unless it pertains to combat or assisting civilians/other agents in need. This is all being done in an effort to enjoy the games environments and make me feel more immersed in the game world versus just running around scooping up loot like a glorified Hoover Vacuum.

With this series I am also injecting a little comic book flavor into the game play by adding word balloons and captions to give viewers some insight into the protagonists mind as he explores the world and takes on missions etc.

I hope to expand the scope of these videos to add some real cinematic feel but for now here is our first episode courtesy of The Game Nexus. I hope you enjoy!