Leave it to Atomic Mass Games to unveil a new tantalizing addition to their already amazing line up of first year miniatures for Marvel Crisis Protocol. The topper is that they have only given us a picture and nothing else to drool over; although the picture alone is drool worthy to be sure!

Feast your eyes on the glory of Ghost Rider himself below.

I thought I would give everyone a little stroll through Ghost Riders Marvel Comics history for all you players out there who cant quite figure out what all the fuss is about. For those who want to do a deep dive you can check out all the details HERE

Believe it or not Ghost Rider has been around since 1972 and was created by writer Gary Friedrich and artist Mike Ploog. His arrival broke the norms at the time which was dominated by the likes of Captain America, Superman, and other traditional hero stereotypes from the Silver Age. The bronze age of comics heralded in darker plot threads that began to weave its way into the popular titles of the time and perfectly paved the way for a hero like Ghost Rider who's origins and aesthetics seemed to be pulled from a more occult style comic book. Ghost Rider would eventually get his own comic book after being a " spotlight character " on his introduction in 1973 ( The year I was born nonetheless).

His iconic flaming skull accompanied by his cool as Hell ( see what I did there) motorcycle made him a fan favourite and really set him apart from other Super Heroes. It is quite possible that Ghost Rider was the first " Anti-Hero" in Marvel Comics.

Ghost Rider was more akin to characters like Wolverine and Batman than cheerful ones like Captain America and resonated with the more hardcore audience of the 80's where "Bad Boys" got their props.

It didn't hurt that Ghost Rider was not just all show and had some serious super powers to back up his over the top styling. Ghost Rider was most definitely NOT all show and no go!

Ghost Rider has been reinvented many times in the comics with fans always being very vocal about how their beloved Flaming skull motorcycling spirit of vengeance gets portrayed. Marvel has also had different characters take on the mantle with his human identity switching between several different people each with their own story on how they came to possess the powers of Ghost Rider. While each of these individuals have their following none remain as popular as the original ; Johnny Blaze.

Ghost Rider has been a mainstay in Marvels comic arsenal for Decades and even succeeding at getting the big screen treatment on several occasions not to mention guest appearances on television's "Agents of Shield" . His arrival on the big screen admittedly pre-dated the now explosive boom of Super Hero movies but resonated with fans enough that the character is still in the front of everyone's minds, especially the creative ones at Disney/Marvel.

The latest rumor is that Keanu Reeves himself is being groomed to don his leather Jacket become " Hell on wheels" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I am very excited to see Atomic Mass Games tackle a lesser known hero for their new Miniature game and I have total faith that they will do him justice when the expansion lands...whenever it lands.