A new year means a new set of gaming resolutions and this year my goal is to sink my teeth into all the games that I shuffled aside last year. Typically I find myself purchasing games that catch my eye but don't seem to hold it. I am a sucker for good marketing and whenever a new game catches my eye I get fired up. The problem is a new games comes out and distracts me from the previous one and so on and so on.

Last year I dove into a new trading card game against my better judgement; Transformers TCG. The game ignited so many feels in me. As a man who grew up in the 80's I have a very deep routed sense of nostalgia whenever it comes to games involving any of the pop culture of that era. Transformers is a property that doesn't get as much tabletop gaming love as it does in the video game world so when a new card game hit the market I just knew I needed to have it.

Good thing the game itself is actually fun and well designed!

I am going to be sinking my teeth into the game this year and to kick things off I have put together a introductory video that should help players learn the game and ease into the rules and hobby.

I know that I may be late on this type of content but if you haven't learned about the game and are interested in what it has to offer then make sure you subscribe to the channel and buckle up!