If you are starting out in the world of tactical shooters and just so happen to pick Breakout as your first game of this type then you are in luck because I am with you. While I have played a tremendous amount of other shooters over my gaming life I must admit that I am new to the world of team based tactical shooters like this game. I am however a quick learner and just in case you are not I have put together a short list of MUST follow tips that will make your time in Breakout more enjoyable.

1: Map Knowledge

Don't beat yourself up over getting killed over and over again in the early days of your experience with Breakout. Learning the lay of the land is an essential skill in any shooter and with Breakout it is even more important due to the fact that the map design is very small. The maps are laid out like a series of blocks with specific firing lanes and defending vantage points. Spend time during your spectating time to memorize maps and learn how other players navigate it. You will find that the more games you play the better you'll get at knowing your maps.

2: Use a Mic or at least use the Command dial

Get a mic! Full STOP! Communicating is KEY in this game or any other competitive shooter for that matter. If your shy then luckily Breakout has a command radial that lets you at least convey your essential call outs ( Attack, Defend, Site A focus and Site B focus). At a bare minimum you need to use this tool to advise your team mates of your intentions and while you may not think anyone is listening ( In my experiences most don't lol ) all it takes is that one time when someone does and you pull a victory out of it as a result. Communicating is KING in this game.

3: Use the "Buddy System"

Breakout is comprised of two teams of five players. Teaming up with a partner will essentially allow you the freedom of moving around the map with a second set of eyes ( or eyes in the back of your head if you prefer). Regardless of how you play it is a no brainer that going solo is not the safest thing you can do in this game. Even if you don't have a friend online to play with you should still make a point to follow behind another player or alongside him/her to provide THAT player some back up. Use the buddy system and you wont regret it.

4: Don't underestimate smoke

For some reason I see a lack of smoke grenades being used in this game. Flash Bangs seem to be the " soup de jour" in Breakout and while I do enjoy a good flash bang to get me going for the day I cant stress how important smoke is as well. Using a smoke grenade is an excellent way to defend a position as well as shroud your movement across a firing lane or when you are assaulting an objective. Until the patch in NVG's you will buy yourself some much needed breathing room and more than likely for your opponent to either wait out the smoke or rush into it blindly hoping to get lucky.

5: Split your fire team into smaller squads with a purpose

This one really frustrates me. In a tactical shooter with 2 potential bomb sites there is no need for an entire team together in a pack of easily spotted targets and rush a single bomb site. Even more so if you are defending as you are essentially putting all your eggs into one basket. If you are communicating usually this isn't an issue but if you are on a silent team then you need to take the bull by the horns and strike off on your own ( F**** THE BUDDY SYSTEM THIS ONCE). Hopefully a team mate will wise up when he/she sees you running off to the other site to defend or assault and provide some back up. Not only will this force your opposing team to divert some manpower to your side of the map you may also get lucky enough to flank them if they decide to leave you unchecked.

There are plenty more tips I could give you but these are some of the ones that really resonated with me and have helped me get a handle on this game in the early stages. Feel free to flood the comment section with your own tips that have been working for you.

Happy hunting !