Why Destiny 2 may be the last Destiny game you ever play

Who would have thought that Bungie would have stopped creating Halo games? Probably the same people who predicted that Bungie would get out of their 10 year " Deal " with Activision early to become once again an independent studio.

Last year Activision and Bungie dissolved there working relationship and went their separate ways. The end result of the planned 10 year partnership delivered us two " full" Destiny games and that was it.

Now I don't want to make this article about the merits of said games but rather to take a closer look at what this break-up means for the future of Destiny and also make some speculations on what the future will hold as far as Bungie and Destiny as a game.

Out there on their own

Being an independent studio is not all sunshine and rainbows. Yes you get full creative control back and can pretty much dictate the exact terms of your property, you do have to worry about a little thing called ...money. Having the backing of a MEGA publisher like Activision allowed Bungie to fly to the moon and back as far as tech and resources. So long as Activision saw a potential return on the investments they made during the game development Bungie could pretty much make any idea they had into reality.

Now that they are an independent studio they need to be a little more cautious about said resources. Monetizing their property is no longer about just hoping they sell enough copies and trying to convince their publisher to make a sequel. Bungie needs to be self sufficient and the money they generate no keeps the lights on and funds future content/games.

While they have creative control back they now must sink or swim on their own. Destiny 2 may have launched with a lot of loyalists supporting it but the landscape has gotten competitive since they introduced their franchise and while not sinking per se, the " Destiny Boat" is starting to spring some leaks and take on water.

Destiny as a platform

Looking at how looter shooters are published and emulating them may not in fact be the best way that Bungie can move their franchise forward.

If you look at their situation in a bleak way one could imagine Bungie out on the street without a home and the only thing they have of worth is ; Destiny 2. By that I mean THEY HAVE DESTINY 2. Assets, engine, code...the whole thing. It may not be in Bungies best interest to start working on a follow up to Destiny 2 but rather take what they have and add to it.

Today Bungie announced that Destiny would be going Free to Play in September and be re-branded as " Destiny 2" New Light".

All season 1 DLC will be included with this new packaging and it will be available across all platforms ( except Nintendo). Bungie has gone a step further and promised an entire overhaul on how they look at development of the game and how it's game play systems function in a new genre of MMO/RPG versus the " looter shooter" genre. When pressed about when we can expect a Destiny 3 the response was simply that they were focusing on Destiny 2 content for the foreseeable future.

This makes sense.

From a financial standpoint they do not need to make a new game. Destiny 2 functions incredibly well. Game Engine and mechanics were never the problems with Destiny 2. We just wanted more content and we didn't want to pay for' it. I don't care of Bungie goes " Full Fortnite" on us and monetizes skins, emotes, cosmetics etc. Just give us more to do and don't charge us for game play content.

Oh yeah. They also said they are done with Season Passes.

Looking ahead

In theory Bungie could retool their delivery mechanisms to emulate Fortnight or even Rainbow Six Seige and simply keep layering on new areas, planets, game modes and events for us to enjoy all the while leaning into monetization via the aforementioned options.

This would ensure that they have a current and up t o date product on the market without having to divert resources to creating a whole new base game and all of the testing and marketing etc that goes into launching a AAA title on their own.

Only time will tell how Bungie approaches their franchise from this point on but if the latest info is anything to go on, we haven't seen the last of Destiny 2 by a long shot.

Now you'll have to excuse me while I go dust off my hand cannon and see if my Ghost has any light left in it.