Why the Transformers TCG may be the card game for me.

In my younger years of gaming I was very active in the CCG side of the hobby. Between superheroes, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and a smattering of games in between I had sunk many a pay check into the nefarious hobby knows as 'Collectible Card Gaming'

I pretty much said goodbye to that side of my gaming hobby in 1999 just after the Lord of the Rings CCG was released by a company called Decipher. I bought heavily into the first set of that game based on the first movie but quickly pulled out after I felt the claws of the buying/trading start to creep into my soul.

I should amend my previous statement. I did have a short lived fling with the new Star Wars Dice/Card game; Destiny last year and while not a true CCG it's collectible format was enough to scare me away shortly after getting into it.

As an adult with a wife and 4 kids I just cannot justify spending money on a foil package with a random assortment of cards I need to play the game. The thrill of the hunt has gone out of me.

So why do you ask, I want to jump into a new TCG that has just been announced?

Simple...Its a Transformers TCG!

I have known about the Transformers game coming from Wizards if the Coast for a little while now and it wasn't until this week that I was able to see some actual assets of what it will look like.

The game will feature " over sized cards" of the key characters and feature a mechanic that sees players flipping their hero card to transform. It doesn't appear to utilize and other mechanics like dice or counters so i imagine a built in resource system will take the shape of card types although keeping in mind Wizards hasn't done a formal unveiling as of yet.

The biggest draw in any game for me and CCG's are no exception is whether or not the lore behind the game resonates with me. Things like artwork, design and presentation trump all else and if you combine the prior with a franchise that I am already head over heals in love with, well...you have yourself a person who cant stop throwing money at whatever game is lucky enough to have cooked up the magical formula.

While Star Wars is a franchise that I am passionate about I can argue that I have many other Star Wars games to quench my tabletop thirst. Transformers has yet to even make it to the table and being that I don't currently have a way to channel my childhood imagination I will take this game ( That is until they finally develop a miniature war game for Transformers)

Charaacter cards will be " Over-sized" compared to traditional CCG's

The game will be making its debut in September at most retailers but I suspect it will have a difficult time cracking t he market so to speak. The CCG market is filled with Loyalists to their chosen game and unlike other tabletop games these types of gamer's tend to stick with only one CCG as their investment is usually quite robust and playing more than one games would split their resources.

Have a look at the small tease we have so far and stay tuned as we get more info to share in the coming months.