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Yes they made a Gi Joe RPG and its Amazing!

If you are like me and have a passion for all things Role Playing then you are an old hat to genre bending games that ARE NOT involving swords and dragons. If you had asked young Dwayne what his most wanted RPG was back in the early 80's I would have replied with a single resounding name; Gi Joe! Well that and Transformers but I will get to that in another article.

That day has arrived ( actually months ago , I am just late getting this article out) and the young Dwayne is happier than pie. Old Dwayne? Well he is just as happy however all his friends that would have played it with him have all grown up. Is this Gi Joe RPG geared for kids? Heck no!

Have a look below at the Official Game Nexus overview courtesy of " The Role Playing Game Show" twitch channel.

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